The Cemeteries at Evergreen Family Council

Over the last three decades Enrichmond has been inspired and humbled by thousands of individuals and communities with whom we have had the privilege to partner. Historic Evergreen and East End Cemeteries exemplifies our passion for facilitating the the empowerment of place through the leadership of community.

Enrichmond seeks to enhance and expand our past engagement efforts by opening the next chapter in descendant community collaboration — The Cemeteries at Evergreen Family Council. During the reclamation, preservation, and celebration of these sacred places we are committed to being humble and conscious of our duty as trustees to lift up and include the voices of the descendant community. Only by working together can we reclaim these injured spaces, can we preserve and protect what is precious and sacred, and celebrate the lives, struggles, and achievements of Black Richmonders.

Who can join the Family Council?

The Cemeteries at Evergreen Family Council will consist of members of the historic cemeteries descendant community. Descendants can include:

  • Family members of those laid to rest in the cemeteries
  • Members of the community that are connected to the family of individuals buried in the cemeteries
  • Members of the community that feel a strong connection to the cemeteries

Participation is non-exclusive. Members can include participants from the Executive Planning and Review Team (ExPRT), The Implementation Review Team (IRT), Descendant Council, or any other descendant community individual, group, or collective.

What will the Family Council do?

The Cemeteries at Evergreen Family Council will advise the Enrichmond Foundation in the implementation of planning, reviewing, and prioritizing initiatives relating to the restoration, preservation, and celebration of The Cemeteries at Evergreen (Historic Evergreen and East End). The Family Council’s discussions, decisions, and recommendations will inform the strategic priorities and tactical implementation of The Cemeteries at Evergreen’s multi-year restoration process.

Join the Family Council

If you would like to add your voice to this collaborative, multi-jurisdictional, public-private effort to reclaim, preserve, and celebrate Black culture and achievement please join the Family Council today.