The Cemeteries at Evergreen | Headstone of Luversa Jones and Emma Randolph

Luversa Jones and Emma Randolph

1845 - 1911 (LJ)1865 - 1934 (ER)

Buried in the Historic Evergreen Cemetery, Richmond Virginia

A simple stone obelisk marks the final resting place of Luversa Jones (1845-1919) and her daughter Emma Randolph (1865-1934). In many ways, the obelisk is a mystery, revealing more questions than answers. The stone was put up many years after the death of Luversa; in fact, there is an original headstone marking her burial place nearby. So, who put this up, and why?

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Lee Ann Timreck

Lee Ann Timreck moved to the Richmond area in 2016, following a long career in Northern Virginia as a business consultant for the international consulting firm, Booz, Allen & Hamilton. Ms. Timreck is currently busy working as an independent folklorist and historical researcher. In 2016, Ms. Timreck completed George Mason University’s Graduate Certificate in Folklore Studies, and has continued her professional development through graduate courses in history at Virginia Commonwealth University and presenting at professional conferences. Ms. Timreck is also researching a book on the emancipation-themed sculpture of nineteenth century African American artists Mary Edmonia Lewis and Meta Vaux Fuller.

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