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Help Revitalize The Cemeteries at Evergreen

About the Cemeteries

The Cemeteries at Evergreen are powerful monuments to black achievement, community life, and family bonds.

For the first time since their founding in the late 1800s, the Historic Evergreen Cemetery and East End Cemetery are coming together under one umbrella — The Cemeteries at Evergreen. They were founded by leaders of Richmond’s African American community and provide a resting place for over 25,000 individuals who made important contributions to the city and the nation, creating a vibrant social, political, intellectual, and religious life. The Enrichmond Foundation is working on behalf of the community, and descendant family community to restore and protect these sacred cemeteries.

Hundreds of descendant community members have worked together over the last two years to develop the award-winning Historic Evergreen Cemetery Master Plan — the first descendant-led reclamation master plan for an African American Cemetery in Virginia.

We need your voice once again.

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The Cemeteries at Evergreen are no longer active burial sites. If you have questions regarding burials, please reach out using the contact form below.

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With guidance from descendant family members, partners, and volunteers we are restoring and preserving these sacred grounds as a pivotal piece of Richmond history. Preservation Plans are in process and we are creating maps that will make locating gravesites and information easier for the public.

After a pause during the COVID pandemic, we are reengaging with the community and seeking collaboration, guidance, and input. We you to share your perspectives and make your voices heard as we seek to reclaim, preserve, and celebrate the Cemeteries at Evergreen.

There are two ways that you can provide input: review the three draft proposals that we have listed below and/or by joining the newly created Family Council.

Draft Proposals

As much and as often as possible, we want future plans for the cemeteries to reflect the hopes and aspirations that descendants and the community have for the space. We invite you to review the plans listed below and provide your thoughts and feedback. Keep in mind that these are early drafts and are subject to change once feedback has been received.

The Cemeteries at Evergreen Family Council

Enrichmond seeks to enhance and expand our past engagement efforts by opening a new chapter in collaboration — The Cemeteries at Evergreen Family Council. The Family Council will consist of members of the historic cemeteries descendant community.

Join the Family Council

Learn more about the Cemeteries at Evergreen.

Visit the Cemeteries

The Cemeteries at Evergreen are the resting places for thousands of individuals who faced segregation, discrimination, and racial violence while contributing in important ways to our community. Among those who rest here are such luminaries as Maggie L. Walker, John Mitchell, Jr., Dr. Sarah Garland Boyd Jones, and Rev. J. Andrew Bowler.

Master Restoration Plan

In 2019, the Executive Planning and Review Team (ExPRT), a 30-member descendant community advisory council, entrusted Enrichmond with their award-winning Historic Evergreen Cemetery Master Plan. This plan provides a vision and framework for decision making over the next several years and is a living document that will be followed closely as the cemetery projects continue.

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Volunteer With Us

We're always looking for volunteers to help with cemetery cleanups, research, record transcription and biography writing. Are you interested in joining us? Reach out using the contact form below.

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Our Progress

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Read their stories.

We have hundreds of biographies in development and will be updating them on the site as they are finalized.

The Cemeteries at Evergreen | Headstone of David Winston Jones

David Winston Jones

David Winston Jones’ gravestone provides that he was born on May 10, 1910 and died on May 28, 1978. He served as a Private in the U.S. Army…

The Cemeteries at Evergreen | Headstone of Rosanna Scott

Rosanna Harris Scott

Nestled in a peaceful family plot in East End Cemetery, shaded by towering tulip poplar and white oak, Rosanna H. Scott lies surrounded by…

The Cemeteries at Evergreen | Headstone of John Wesley P Scott

John Wesley P. Scott

Down a wide path at East End Cemetery, deep into the graveyard, and where the property nearly gives way to the trees, a visitor will find…

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